photo from the 2017 Ride and Revel event

60+ Ride

Free Transportation

When you are an aging adult, having the mobility to get around and make appointments can be challenging. 60+ ride is a FREE  Transportation program from your friends at Senior Resource Services. Our mission is to offer Weld County residents the opportunity to maintain their physical, emotional, and mental health while living independently.


  • Regardless of income, the 60 plus ride program provides free transportation for seniors in Weld County.
  • Many of our clients use the service for destinations like medical appointments, grocery store visits, hygiene needs, worship, financial, government, and social interaction.
  • Senior Resource Services is a 501(c)3 non profit


You get to see first hand the impact of your volunteer service!

Take pride in providing a valuable service for seniors in Weld County  when you are a volunteer for the 60+ Ride program. We believe in the power of volunteers to provide independence to seniors throughout Weld County.

At SRS, we love our volunteers and enjoy helping you serve our 60+ clients in Weld County.


Your benefits from volunteering:

  • Our online scheduling program allows you to choose appointments that fit with your schedule.
  • Volunteer a little or often – there are no minimum monthly requirements.
  • Receive “Volunteer Coordinator” – we provide training and support for you.
  • Volunteer social events, two of which include training.